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Coaster May 21, 1994

Talking Style

By ML Stockwell

Button, button, who's got the button? I'll tell you who and it's truly one of the most
amazing assortments on the West Coast. Buttonham Palace at 1651 Placentia in
Costa Mesa is truly a find. Now, you may be thinking to yourself, What does this
have to do with the interior design of my home? Button collectons are fun to place
in an interesting box on your coffee table. Guests love to go through them and ask
questions about them. Cover a box with interesting buttons and place it on a shelf
for color. A favorite use is to find oversized buttons and use them to fasten

Fashion Notes: Placentia's Knitwear Doctor a sure cure for ailing sweaters. by Lisa Lytle

Whethere it's a hole from a cigarette burn or a big snag, that favorite sweater or
knitted dress you wore for the holidays can be repaired before you put it in storage
for the rest of the year. The Knitwear Doctor in Placentia specializes in repairs and
alterations of knitwear. The company can restore to good condition most garments,
including pricey Chanel, St. John and Tse Cashmere items. Call 949-650-1025


Very Vogue/ Very New Very Vogue

Knitwear Doctor

Do any of your knitted garments need repair? If so, "knitwear Doctor" should be
contacted. Co-owners Boris and Galia Gukaylo have been running their business
for twelve years reknitting, not darning, garments that need mending. "Freanch
Weaving" or invisible weaving reconstructs fabric thread by thread. Another
method used is called piece weaving which incorporates a fabric swatch into the
garment. Prices vary with amount of repair needed. Careful measurements are
always taken so that your garments fit perfectly. The Gukaylos also plan to open
another business next door call Buttonham Palace which will feature buttons and
buckles from aroiund the world.

Call the "Knitwear Doctor" at 949-650-1025 or 800-888-3459 or visit the studio at
1651-d Placentia Ave. Costa Mesa, CA 92627
Newport Beach/Costa Mesa Daily Pilot Thursday, June 25, 1992


The Knitwear Doctor suits customers fine

"I keep hearing you're the coolest thing since popsicles" I said to Galia Gukaylo.
"That's right," Salia replied, with a calm Russian accent. I just had to get over to see what has everybody buing about the Gukaylo's store, the Knitwear Doctor, on Placentia in Costa Mesa. They offer a service that's simply unique. They're so good at reweaving, custom knitting adn alterations that Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom use thes. You can too...And, the cost is definitely less than what you'd pay for something like a St. John. "But that's not the point," Galia remarked. "our work is all custom..." The Gukaylos used to be strickly wholesale, but Galia's husband Boris told me, "For us, it is very nice to be personalized. With retail we can do this." I wanted to know, just how it's done. A computer maybe?

"HA!" Boris luaghed, "It's a big secret. My wife knows a lot of grandparents:
Everything is hand done!"

Next door is their other place, Buttonham Palace (The name was their daughter
Becky's idea) It started three years ago when the couple began looking for unique buttons for their knits. "Buttons became an obsession with us." Boris said, "They started as men's accessory - for uniforms..." If you need a special button, perhaps something from Greece or Egypt, you're sure to find it there. Boris will tell you, their buttons are ecumenical... "We're planning on making a button museum out of it!" Boris declared.

Thursday, April 28, 1994
Newport Beach/Costa Mesa Daily Pilot

"A FAITHFUL READER" wrote in to asay that Buttonham Palace, which was
featured recently i n Best Buys, "was wonderful." Next time please mention how helpful the staff is, even when making a modest purchase Totally unlike a local upscale fabric store."

Galia and Boris Gukaylo, owners of Buttonham Palace and the Knitwear Doctor,have added an additional service to the latter, it's called the "knit exchange."
The knit echange is a consignment rack within the store which gives you a chance
to sell your designer kints in good condition, and receive either 50% of the sale
price in cash or 100% of the sale price in credit for custom-made knit, alterations,
buttons or reweaving.

Best Buy readers will receive 10% off purchases made for one week at Buttonham
Palace and the Knitwear Doctor (949-650-1025), located at 1651 Placentia Ave. in
Costa Mesa

Saturday, January 29, 1994
Newport Beach/Costa Mesa Daily Pilot

I HAVENT'T BEEN ABLE TO CHECK IT out yet, but Daily Pilot restaurant critic

Marla Bird passed along a business card for Buttonham Palace, (949-650-1025) which

describes itself as "the largest designer button collection we have ever seen."

Sounds interesting. It's located at 1651-D Placentia Ave. in Costa Mesa. I'll give

you a report soon.

By Herb Hain in an article intitled "You Can Help!" Hydroponic Way to PUt Down


For Norma Griffith of Ojai, who was looking for someone to shorten the sleeves on

some sweaters, we have some good news up our sleeves. Pat Babineau of

Newport Beach says she has taken a number of sweaters, for alterations to the

Knitwear Doctor. 1651 Placentia, Suite D, Costa Mesa, CA, 92677, telephone (

949) 650-1025. And Mrs. Rose Chapman, who can be found at 1422 Elkgrove

Circle # 4 Venice, CA 90291, Telephone (213) 392-3425, says she can do work,

but not until after the beginning of July.

Fashion Clips

In a bind. What to do when beloved sweater knits, Right, become ridden with holes
but are still rich in sentimental value? Just call "knitwear doctor" Boris Gukaylo.
Recommended by top cashmere houses, Gukaylo performs miracles with yarn---
including repairing holes, altering shapes, cutting off sleeves, and redsigning
necklines. All unraveling and reknitting are done by hand in his Costa Mesa,
California, studio. Orders can be called in toll-free (800) 888-3459) and followed
up by mail.

Clip board:

How to have your woolen clothes rewoven

The question of how to have alterations done on your wardrobe has an obvious
anser: See a tailor. But after you have avoided mothballs in your closet, what do
you do about those suits, skirts and sweaters that have been a feast for moths
undaunted by cedar bars and lavender potpourri? Dry cleaners are sometimes
willing to attempt to repair the damage done, but the results are not guaranteed.
Only one shop, Knitwear Doctor, solely specializes in reweaving, custom knitting
and alteration of knitted garments. These tailors claim professional quality in their

Los Angeles Times Sunday December 8, 1991

Currents: A guide to the best in Southern California

Fashion Knit Wiz

What to do if a perusal of last year's winter wardrobe reveals some wear and tear?
Replacements would be nice, sure, but repairs come much cheaper. boris and
Galia Gukaylo, co-owners of the 12-year-old Knitwear Doctor in Costa Mesa, fix
holes in sweaters or suits- you name it-- by reknitting, not by darning. "French
weaving," or invisible weaving, reconstructs fabric thread by thread. Another
method, piece weaving, incorporates a fabric swatch into the garment. "We don't
cut anything," Boris says, "We do everything by hand." Prices vary with the size,
number and location of tears; the minimum charge is $7.

The Knitwear Doctor also makes alterations in knitwear, with referrals, coming from
stores such as the nearby Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom, and creates custom
designs. "We take measurements and make the garment fit exactly to the person, "
Boris says. In a few weeks, the Gukaylos plan to open a second business next
door: Buttonham Palace will showcase thousands of buttons and buckles from
around the world.

Knitwear Doctor, 1651-D Placentia Ave., Costa Mesa; (949) 650-1025 or (800)


(Letter from) Gucci

347 North Rodeo Driver tel 310-278-3451

Berverly Hills, CA 90210 fax: 310-273-2078

March 7, 1999

Knitwear Doctor
1651 Placentia Ave.
Suite D
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Dear Dahlia:

Enclosed please find one Men's Sweater which needs minor repair in two areas

around the neckline. Will you please call me when y ou receive this, so we can

discuss when this will be completed?

The work you did on the other pieces was fantastic! Thank you again, and I request

a special check which you should receive this week.

Thanks again for your good work, and please call me if you have any questions.

Best Regards,

Brent Jongeward
Men's Ready-to-Wear Manager


I added a purple cashmere sweater, too. Please call as to when and if you can

repair .

Thank you!

Post Card:

Dearest Galia

I adore both my red and blue short jacket. The will be wonderful for travel Thank

you! Very Busy preparing for surgery etc.

Best Love,
Rena Kerr

CASHMERE: True Test Is in the Touch

To study a sweater's density, hold it up to the light... Atightly woven sweater made

up of just a single ply of the finest cashmere outranks a two-ply sweater of inferiro-

grade cashmere.

Over time, whether or not one has chosen a high-quality sweater will become visible

to the eye.

Poor-quality sweaters have a greater tendency to pill; tiny balls of lint form, says

Galia Gukaylo, owner of the Knitwear Doctor in Costa Mesa, which alters and

repairs cashmere garments.

Thats why paying more for a better sweater can be a better wardrobe investment in

the long run.

"A very small piece of fine cashmere might cost several hundred dollars, " Gukaylo


It's not just the fiber that determines cost; consumers also pay for style. Most

inexpensive sweaters come in cookie-cutter styles, mostly turtlenecks and sweater

sets. More adventurous looks from designer cost more.......

Should a cashmere sweater need updating, it can be altered; a turtleleneck can be

transormed into a crew, for instance. Knitwear Doctor shortens cashmere pants

and skirts and makes alterations for N. Peal. TSE and other stores as well as

individual customers.


Elisabeth Dungan Catena
24 Leatherwood
Irvine, CA 92612

January 27, 1999

Dear Jalia And Boris

It is long overdue to write to thank you for my 2 lovely outfits.
Youmade a 4 piece silver grey-knit suit and a grey black knit with silver trim. I feel
truly well dressed and receive endless compliments. Plus they are fun to wear.

Thank you Again

Lis Catena

Scoop: By Pamela Lopez
Service Flash
The Knitwear Doctor in Costa Mesa specializes in knitwear alterations and repairs--
from narrowing a boxy cardigan to shortening sleeves to the chich three-quarter
length, like D & G's (right). Cowl necks can even bee changed to mock turtlenecks.
One ashion fanatic pierced her Prada knit dress with the heel of her shoe and
didn't dream of sending it to anyone else. Prices start at $20. 1651 Placentia
Avenue, Suite D, Costa Mesa CA 92627; (800) 888-3459. Ask for Boris or Galia.


Knit Wits By Justine Kaplan

Behind an unassuming storefront on placentia, Galia and Boris Gukaylo and their
two daughters open packages that arrive from across the country. Sweaters with
holes eaten by moths, dresses chewed up by puppies, suits ripped by sharp
edges, somone's mother's now-out-of-style-due-to-its-length. St. John's Knit
dress, old cowl necked cashmere sweaters and unraveled wool sleeves are just
some of the ailments that need mending by the Knitwear Doctor. "Until it was
featured for the second time in Vogue this month, the Knitwear Doctor was one of
the county's, and the country's, best kept secrets, an old-fashioned family-owned
and run business that for 12 years has catered to customers' beloved knits by
performing miracles with yarn, repairing holes, dying, altering shapes, cutting
sleeves, and redesigning necklines. Local cleaners and stores that carry
expensive knits such as TSE, DKNY, St. John, and Garys have always referred
customers to the Knitwear Doctor, but the packages keep arriving from all over the
U.S. "Could you please re-weave the moth bith? says a note attached to a weater
sent from San Francisco. "Could you please shorten my grandmother's dress"
said another of a beautiful off white and chartreuse St.Knit dress, now altered to be
fashionable short. Then there's the 80-year-old woman who is constantly bringing
in old woven beaspreads, the customer from out of town "who is convinced
someone breaks into her house and makes alterations to her clothes which need to
be corrected" and the woman whose angry maid razor-sliced $400,000 worth of
dresses and suits. "We see it all," said Galia. "And if it can be repaired, we can fix
it" Aside from there own custom knitwear collecton consignment knits, discounted
designer knits (a $6,000 Geoffrey Beene size 8 dress and jacket with the tags still
on is $1,200), knit purses, buckles and cosmetics line, the Gukaylos also run
Buttonham Palace, a suite of designer and just plain buttons from everywhere in the
world. Adding to the charm of this "palace" is a!
throne Boris had made from mahogany and gold leaf which sits in the rear of the store, overlooking his kingdom of buttons, a collection which alone is worth the trip to
Costa Mesa. The Knitwear Doctor and Buttonham Palace is located at 1651
Placentia in Costa Mesa. Call 949-650-1025 and ask for Boris or Galia.

No Knit's a No-No If You Keep Your Knit Wits About You

It's no secret that knitwear is apropos for all seasons. Some of springs and
summer's popular silhouttes include crop or tunic-length sweaters with short or
three-quarter length sleeves and round, scoop or V-necklines. Fabrics run the
gamut from 100% cotton to raw silk, linen, and cotton/rayon blends. Still, despite the popularity of knits, many people steer clear of them, claiming that
they are "temperamental" to maintain. Common complaints include strtching, loss
of shape or fading. But, "with a little know-how, caring for your knitwear garments is
not all that difficult," says Galia Gukaylo, co-owner of the Knitwear Doctor, a Costa
Mesa firm that specializes in repair and custom knitting.

Here are some suggestions:

- While sturdy, tight-weave k nits with a cotton content can usually withstand the
washing machine, for best results it's advisable to hand-wash most knits with a mild
solution in either cold or lukewarm water. Afterward, squeeze out excess water and
pat gently in a towel or other cotton material, then lay them on a dry towel on a flat
surface so the additional water can be absorbed. never wring or twist a knitwear
garment when it is wet, it will lose its shape.

- Even when they are dry, knitwear garments should not be hung on a clothes
hanger because they will stretch. Instead, fold them and place them in a drawer or

- Continuous washing can fade colorful knits, and bleaching is harmful to both the
colorful and natural-tone knits.

- While most acrylic knits can be machine washed on a gentle cycle, save them for
cool weather. They don't "breath" well and could cause you to perspire in warm

- Loose-weave knits should be dry-cleaned only. They tend to lose their shape
from the tension of the washing machine.

- Multicolor knits should be dry-cleaned to avoid "bleeding," or colors running

- Knits that have a wool content (even as little as 10% to 20%) should be dry-
cleaned. Washing will generally cause them to lose their shape or shrink.

Los Angeles times Friday, November 6, 1992.

Fashion (section)

There's No Need to Hole Up When Sweaters or Knits Need Repair

The Knitwear Doctor
Boris and Galia Gukaylo have built a business on knitwear, serving individual
customers as well as Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and ST. John. Crafts people will
reknit holes (starting at $12) and perform invisible French weaving on fabric (
starting at $12). Each hole is hand-repaired thread by thread under a magnifying

The shop also will shorten knit skirts by unraveling and refinishing the hem ($30-$
45), stretch or re-size knit garments, repair knit (booo the rest is cut off)


To the Knitwear Dr,
Just a note to let you all know that you do the best reweaving around!.
I'll give all my repairs to you as long as I'm in the drycleaning business!

Thanks for your Great Service.

Linn B.
Town Center Cleaners

Dear Galia,

Enclosed you will find our check for $22.00. I apologize for the delay. As I

mentioned to you on the phone, the work you did on the sweater was outstanding.

Once again thank you and we look forward to doing business with you again.
Sincerely, Lisa V


7 Novermber,

Dear Galia and Boris,

I was so please to see this in the Times on Friday. Your work is so Wonderful
I tell everyone about you, and Buttonham Palace too-- I love my beautiful buttons.

Best Wishes
Valedia Sullivan

Victoria Jean Hofstad
Concord House, Sentry Place, Scarsdale, NY 10583

February 3, 1993

Knitwear Doctor
1651 Placentia #D
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Dear Galia,

I just received my three newly repaired cashmere pices and am very impressed

with the wonderful work of "Knitwear Doctor." Of those knits, the black sweater and

gray pants are indispensable to me, so I'm grateful I don't have to live without

them, especially during the current freeze in New York.

Enclosed is another indispensable cashmere bodysuit sweater in need of saving.

There is a small hole in need of repair in the back of this sweater to the right of the

zipper. Also, I thought perhaps the crotch might be shortened and divided so that,

rather than being a solid strip, it would have a 3-snap closure.

Call me so we can discuss the repair and the possibility of alteration. Could you

also send me some sort of invoice-after payment, with the return of the knits--just

so I will k now for future reference the exact cost of each procedure, the price per

hole size, etc?

I've been telling all my friends about your excellent services, hopeful that they will

give you more work. I'm glad to hear the short mention in Vogue brought you such

an incredible influx of new business. You deserve it.

Thanks again for your wonderful rescue job.

Victoria Hofstad

Name Development Laboratory

21 Oct. 93

Knitwear Doctor
Costa Mesa, CA

Dear Galia and Boris

I've just received the cashmere sweater
you altered.

I don't know how you are able to make
knitwear alterations so perfectly, but
I wanted to thank you for doing it.

I'll be sending two or three more
sweaters in a couple of weeks.

NameLab Inc.
Ira N. Bachrach
Presidfent (yes thats how it was spelled on the letter)


Thanks for hemming my black dress with the gold
bow so quickly. I wore it that night and am most

Nancy Dickson

Dear Galia,

Thank You for the wonderful handknit dress. The compliments never stop coming.

I Love it!

Kerstyn Stahre

Friday January 12, 2001

Dear Galia,

Thanks for fixing my sweaters-
Here's my check to cover expenses.

Thanks also for all of the great work you do for
our cushmer special knits !

(it was hard to read the writing on this one your descretion)




Thank you so much for the lovely job you did
on my husbands long sleeved striped shirt. Its really

Linda (Kula Maui HI)

2921 Bostonian Dr.
Los Alamitos, CA
July 31, 1993

Dear Galia,

Sorry to be so late telling you
how pleased I am with the re-weaving of my skirt.
You did a beautiful job, far beyond what I expected.

Dorothy A Minner


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