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Please visit our custom knitting page for more information

You would like to make a custom knitted garment, which will fit you like a glove. Or maybe you like the look of your other knitted garment and you want to make a new one with your measurements. Or maybe you saw a St. John outfit you like, but not in your size. Whatever the need is you are now in need of our custom knitting department services.


We manufacture a beautiful line of knits, which are made specifically to your measurements, not to size. Our knits are made with Santana yarns, which are 80% wool and 20% rayon with an addition of many other fine yarns, trims, and beautiful buttons from Buttonham Palace, the largest button store in the world. You can choose any of our styles or you can mail us the garment you want to duplicate or the picture of a garment that you would like to make. 

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