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Knitwear Doctor

1651 Placentia Ave, Suite J

Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Mon-Sat     12pm-5pm

Sun            Closed

If you would like to send us your garments please fill out this form with your package and we will call you with a quote. 


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Sandra Meraz

1 review

a month ago

We had to have saved over a $1,000 by the meticulous and incredible work done here on our chenille sofa cushions.  Though the fabric was extremely expensive, the custom sofa maker cut the seams too short and didn't double seam.  That …More


Response from the owner3 weeks ago

This was a very difficult project but we've been providing the unique reweaving and repair services for over 30 years and did it again! If it can be done at all - Knitwear Doctor can do it! …More


Bare Pits LLC

3 reviews · 9 photos

4 months ago

Knitwear Doctor is what you call miracle workers! They fix every cashmere sweater I have every had from moth holes. Last time I bough a beautiful sweater from Galia, the owner and need to shorten the sleeeves. You couldn’t even see where it was Done. Always impressive, thank you so much!



Sharon Dymmel

Local Guide · 29 reviews · 24 photos

a year ago-

I don't know how they fix my cashmere sweaters but they do. Holes are mended and you cannot tell they were ever there. Fantastic!



I was gifted a cashmere sweater a couple years ago, and it was large on me at the time - unfortunately, the place it was from didn't have the proper size to exchange. I've since lost more weight and literally could swim in the sweater.

The team at Knitwear Doctor did a fantastic job re-sizing it for me. Aside from it now fitting, there is no sign at all that they changed anything - no loose threads or mismatched stitches or anything. I couldn't be happier with their work.

  • 12/12/2018

    If only more people knew about this company, there'd be one in every city!

    When our expensive chenille sofa cushion covers started to unravel at stress points I was devastated thinking of the cost to reupholster the whole sofa.  The fabric had a broad weave and that's what made me think of the idea of having the fabric rewoven with the extra fabric we had.  Knitwear Doctor did such an amazing job and far exceeded even my highest hopes!  In fact, it made me think of all the expensive things I'd thrown out because of small holes that could have been saved.  I'd give 10 stars if I could.

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  • 8/24/2018

    I discovered Knitwear Doctor years ago when I had an expensive red cashmere sweater blazer that had been eaten by moths. Galia, the "Doctor", repaired the holes and I swear you cannot tell where the holes were.  It was a miracle!  Since that time, I have used Galia to repair my designer sweaters, jackets, dresses;  her work is always first class and the finest artistry.
    I now live in Mesa, Arizona and I still send articles for repair to her!
    And I still have and wear that red cashmere sweater!

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  • 1/10/2019

    Very pleasant and efficient lady who runs this business, they did an outstanding job on three sweaters and I felt that their prices were more than fair. Job I was done when promised and my sweaters look good as new. Interestingly, they also have a large room in the back full of vintage and gently worn designer clothing for both men and women. (A great deal of Saint John knits). Worth exploring!

  • 1/8/2019

    This place works miracles. I've been coming here for years, whenever a beloved sweater meets a moth or knit item needs repairs or altering.  I can't tell you how she does it but she does.  Also appreciated is her honesty in telling you which items will turn out nicely and which won't, or not worth it.  Thank you Knitwear Doctor for your many years of keeping things nice and wearable.

  • 10/27/2018

    • 1 check-in

    Fixed holes in 2 jacket arms in a couple weeks. Amazing work that most other places wouldn't even try! Highly recommended! I will continue to be a customer! She is the Doctor!

    Anjii S. and 1 other voted for this review

  • 10/29/2018

    My cat got a hold of a sweater that I really loved, and I was heartbroken to discover that he ripped several holes in it. I desperately started searching online and found the Knitwear Doctor. I feared that the sweater was beyond repair, but thought I would give Galia a try based on her wonderful reviews.

    I brought my sweater in, and was relieved to hear that Galia was confident she could repair the holes and make it look great again. The price was extremely reasonable for the work, and I looked forward to seeing the finished product.

    One week later I came to pick up and sweater, and true to her word it looked amazing! I was so thrilled! Galia is truly a miracle worker - I will bring any and all knit items to her in the future, and refer everyone I know to her wonderful services. I cannot speak highly enough of my experience. Definitely bring your items here!

  • 8/1/2018

    I found Knit Doctor about 2 years ago after I had to find a way to patch moth holes on one of my Valentino suites.  The Valentino store in Beverly Hills told me to contact the Costa Mesa store because they had someone that could repair it. Then, the Valentino Store said they actually send those type of repairs to the Knit Doctor.  They told me to ask for Galia and said she was very honest and that's who they would use.  She was up front on the times when the repair would show, not show, and even recommended when it wasn't worth fixing.  

    Since then, she has repaired moth holes in multiple Valentino suites (each suite was between $1500-$2000), a $1500 Canali jacket, and other items that were Versace or Saks 5th.  
    So far, she always met expectations - and in the cases of two of my Valentino suites and Canali jacket - we cannot find were the areas that needed repair (some were moth holes, others were just wear down of the fabric).  She has saved me so much money. Because I frequently am out of LA for work, she accepts clothing and returns them via mail.  She and her team are great at what they do and are great people.  She has always gone above and beyond for me and I'm glad that there someone who can save my expensive clothes when necessary.

  • 10/2/2018

    Galia works magic here. She helped me reweave a hole in one of my custom pants. She did an amazing job and if you knew where the original hole was you would never be able to find it after her work. Life saver. Definitely recommended.

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  • 5/21/2018

    Galia is a  true "doctor" she repaired my pair of pants which I thought were ruined!.  Like she stated, I got my pants 2 weeks later.I couldn't see the damage the moth had  created in the past. I had several tiny holes and she repaired every single darn hole. I drove 25 miles to get to her and it was worth every single mile. Thank you!998

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  • 9/5/2018

    This resource is invaluable to anyone who loves to wear knits.  Repairs and alterations are done to perfection.  She also sells St John garments and other pieces.  This shop has a bonus, Buttonham Palace.  If you knit, sew, or just need some really lovely buttons this is where to go.  There is a room filled with a terrific array, unlike any other resource in Orange County.  My collection of very lightweight knit tops would have lots of tiny holes if not for my regular visits to Knitwear Doctor.  Knitwear Magician might be a better name but hey, they didn't consult me on that.

  • 3/15/2018 Updated review

    After 30 years they moved next door and the place is gorgeous! They're moving up right along with the area around them.

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    1/13/2010 Previous review

    This place is a treasure chest for a true bargain seeker.  I stop by there any time I am in the… This place is a treasure chest for a true bargain seeker.  I stop by there any time I am in the area.  A few times they fixed my sweaters that I thought I was never going to be able to wear again.Read more

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