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So you pulled out your favorite sweater or knitted garment and you see the holes you don’t remember being there before, damn moth. Or you are an unfortunate smoker who burned a hole right in the front of your sweater. Or you were waiting for a dentist appointment and tore your sweater on a sharp edge of a chair.

Now you are in need of our repair service.

  • Moth or silverfish holes repair

  • Tears in sweaters

  • Pulls, snags

  • Neck unraveling

  • Knits chewed by pets

  • Blankets

  • moth hole repair

  • sweater repair

  • knit repair

  • cashmere repair

  • alpaca sweaters

  • merino wool


We use a process which is called reknitting. The yarn is taken from the same garment in order to match the same color to repair holes and in a majority of the cases you can’t find the knit repair when the work is completed. All repairs are done by hand because there is no machine invented which will produce invisible results.


The cost of repair starts depends on the size of a hole. If you have more than one hole (moth hole) in the garment call us today and we will quote you the price per job, not per hole, which turns out cheaper. Knit repair is a special type of job that can only be done by knitwear specialists.

We specialize in moth hole repairs, snags in sweaters, tears, unraveling of the neck in sweaters, pulls, St. John Knit repairs, sweater repair, cashmere repair, silverfish holes,and more..

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