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You love that dress or skirt in the store, but it is a little too long, or you lost some weight and now your favorite knitted garments don’t fit anymore. Or maybe fashion has changed and you want your skirt or dress to be shorter to show more of your beautiful legs. Or maybe your garment was hanging in your closet for too long and the sleeves got stretched and the shoulders became too wide. Now you are in need of our knitwear alteration service.

We specialize in St John Knit alterations and repairs. If you lost or want to replace your St. John knit buttons or zipper pulls, we have a variety in stock. Please call us 800-888-3459.  

  • Shorten knitted skirts, dresses, pants, sweaters

  • Changing neckline

  • Tapering body, sleeves, shoulders

  • Removing pleats from shoulders

  • Shorten or hemming knitted pants

  • Make smaller shoulders

  • Knit alterations


We are not tailors and we do not use sewing machine. We shorten knits and do alteration of knits by unraveling and refinishing. This process allows us to complete the work leaving the garment with the same exact finishing it had before any knit alterations have been made. We don’t cut and overlock (that’s what tailors do) creating bulk in the wrong places. Everything is done by hand. As a matter of fact, many tailors in USA use our services as well as refer customers to us because they know that Knitwear Doctor will get the job done right. We love to make our customers happy and your clothes wearable again.

There are also other types of knit alterations that can be done on knits, sweaters, cashmere, St. John Knits and others. For example: tapering shoulders, taking the garment in at the sides (a very common of knit alterations), or changing a turtle neck into a regular crew neck. There might be something you may have in mind for your sweater or knit alteration, so please call us with your questions, Knitwear Doctor can do it all.

Knitwear Alterations 

If you would like to shorten your knitted garment ( sleeves, the body, skirt, pants, dress), please mark it with a safety pin or fold it at the correct length or you can let us know how much you would like it to be shortened. We always try to shorten knits with original finishing if its possible.



Other Sweater and Knitwear Alterations   

There are many other types of knit alterations that we provide for a better fit.


Taper shoulders, taper the body and sleeves of the dress, tapering the skirt or pants,  and shortening turtle neck. 

Please contact us if you are in need of another type of alteration. 


Professional blocking is a permanent adjustment that will last through future wearing and cleaning of the garment. If your garment is knitted and it needs a few extra inches to fit you properly, it can be blocked bigger up to 2" depending on the yarn. Price starts at $10.


Knitwear alterations depends on the type of work that needs to be done.

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