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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. I want to shorten the sleeves on my St. John Knits, Prada, Chanel, Versace, Giorgio Armani, Max Mara, Hermes sweater, but there is no seam on the shoulders?

A. Yes, it is possible to do. We specialize in knitwear alterations.

Q. Will the finishing be the same after you shorten the sleeves?

A. In most cases, we can keep the same finishing, but if it is not possible, we offer you the best possible solution. Knitwear alterations is our specialty.

Q. I would like to shorten my St. John Knits, Prada, Chanel, Versace, Giorgio Armani, Max Mara, Hermes knitted skirt. I asked my tailor to shorten the skirt for me; however, he said he can cut the length and overlock the skirt either on the top or bottom. I would rather not shorten my knit skirt this way because it creates bulk. Is there any other alternative?

A. Yes, there is. We can shorten your knitted skirt from the top or bottom by unraveling and refinishing as original. We are experts in knitwear alterations.

Q. Can you also shorten my knit dress without cutting and overlocking?

A. Yes, we can shorten your knit dress. Alterations of ANY knitted garment are our specialty.

Q. I have a PRADA sweater with a high turtleneck and I would like the neck to be shorter. Can you shorten the neck in my sweater?

A. Yes we can shorten the neck in your sweater. We will unravel and refinish to its original finishing.

Q. I also have a St. John Knit knitted Dress with a high mock neck. I would like the neck to be shortened; can you also shorten the neck on a knitted dress?

A. Yes, we can alter any knitted garment.

Q. I lost some weight and my knitted garments (sweaters, dresses, pants) need alterations. Can you alter my knitted garments and make them smaller to fit me.

A. Yes we specialize in knitwear alterations.

Q. My special concern are my favorite St. John Knits. Do you do alterations on St. John Knits?

A. Yes, we do alterations on St. John Knits for more than 20 years and will provide expert service.

Q. Can you work on cashmere knitwear?

A. Yes, cashmere repair is also one of our specialties.

Q. I gained a few pounds; can my knitted garments be blocked bigger?

A. Yes, your knitted garments can be blocked. Although there are some limits as to how much it can be blocked. When we see the garment, we will then be able to tell you how much it will give. Blocking knit garments (sweaters, vest, dresses, jackets, etc.) is also one of our specialties.

Q. The shoulders on my older St. John knits jackets and dresses have pleats. Can you remove the pleats on my St. John Knits?

A. Yes, we can remove the pleats in you St. John Knits.

Q. Can you also make the shoulders on my St. John Knits smaller; they have stretched from the hangers?

A. Yes, we can make the shoulders on your St. John Knits or any other knitted garments smaller or narrower. We are experts in knitwear alterations.

Q. I gained some weight and my St. John Knits (pants, skirt and jackets) are now too short. Can you add length to my St. John Knits?

A. In most cases we can help you. We can block it longer and if you need additional length we can lengthen it by knitting your garment longer if we have a matching color. We have to see your St. John knit garments to determine what the best way to go.

Q. I have a knit sweater which I would like to convert to a cardigan, can you do this?

A. Yes, it is possible; we can do it for you.

Q. How will the front of my sweater look after you convert it?

A. We can either add a zipper to the front or make button holes and add buttons to it.

Q. It was chilly yesterday, I pulled out my cashmere sweater to wear and I noticed that it is full of holes. I think they are moth holes; however, I have not seen any moths in my house. Are there are any other bugs that eat knits?

A. Yes, moths are not the only ones who eat garments. Silverfish, carpet beetles, and even mice can make holes in your sweaters.

Q. Can you repair holes on my cashmere sweater?

A. Yes, we can repair holes on your sweater by reknitting.

Q. Can you repair holes only made by moths?

A. We can repair holes creating by moths, silverfish, beetles, mice, or any other way. We will reknit the hole by using the same knit from your sweater.

Q. My wool suit has some holes too, but it is not knit, it is woven fabric. Can you also repair the holes in my fabric suit?

A. Yes, we can repair holes in fabric. We are experts in reweaving.

Q. What is the method of repairing the holes in my wool suit called?

A. It is called reweaving or invisible mending. Reweaving is one of our specialties.

Q. My knit sweater is now worn on the elbows. I love this sweater and would like to keep wearing it, is there any solution to fix my sweater?

A. Yes, we can repair the elbows by either reknitting or reinforcing the surrounding area or we can add leather patches, if it is worn too much.

Q. The neck line on my GUCCI knit dress is unraveling, can you fix this?

A. Yes, we can refinish the neck of your knit dress to the original.

Q. I have a St. John Knit jacket with paillettes, there are some missing paillettes from wear. Can you help me with my knit jacket?

A. Sometimes, it is possible to fix. We have to see your St. John Knit jacket to determine whether we can replace them or not.

Q. I have a leather ESCADA jacket with knitted cuffs. The cuffs are torn; can you replace or fix the knit cuffs?

A. Yes we can replace and or repair your knitted cuffs?

Q. My other ESCADA leather jacket has a knitted waist with moth hole damage; can you repair the waist?

A. Yes we can repair the moth holes in your knitted waist line. If it is beyond repair, we can replace it.

Q. I am missing some buttons on my St. John Knits. Do you have any solutions to my problem?

A. Yes, we can. We have some St. John Knit buttons and we also have a button store “ButtonHam Palace”. If we do not have the same buttons, we can offer you an alternative that you may like?

Q. I lost a Swarovski crystal zipper pull on my St. John Jacket. Do you carry any St. John Knit zipper pulls?

A. Yes, we carry a large variety of St. John zipper pulls.

Q. My St. John Knits were exposed to the sun and have faded on the shoulders and sleeves. What can be done to fix the fading?

A. We can help you get rid of the fading by dyeing your St. John Knit garments. We get excellent results with dyeing.

Q. Can you dye any garment?

A. Not any, dyeing of clothing can only be done on certain fabrics and contents. Please look at our dyeing page to see all limitations.

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