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Many sweaters, knitted garments, and fabric suits which have been damaged in any way, including moth holes, burns, tears, snags, pulls which you think are unfixable can be effectively repaired by Knitwear Doctor. To add to our rainbow of services, Knitwear Doctor specializes in knit alterations of your favorite garments: including shortening, tapering, neckline changing. Also garment dyeing of individual clothes.

Knit Repair

We use a process which is called reknitting. The yarn is taken from the same garment in order to match the same color to repair holes and in a majority of the cases you can’t find the knit repair when the work is completed. All repairs are done by hand because there is no machine invented which will produce invisible results. 

Knit Alterations
We are not tailors and we do not use sewing machine. We shorten knits and do alteration of knits by unraveling and refinishing. This process allows us to complete the work leaving the garment with the same exact finishing it had before any knit alterations have been made. We don’t cut and overlock (that’s what tailors do) creating bulk in the wrong places
We reconstruct the hole by using the threads, taken from the same garment. There are two methods of reweaving: French weaving, weaving thread by thread to match the pattern and piece weaving, weaving in a piece of fabric from the same garment. 
Redesigning of Knits
You want to change the look of the garment. Maybe you want short sleeves instead of long or vica versa. Or maybe you want a V neck instead of crew neck, or add a cowl neck. Maybe you want to turn your knitted blanket into a ponchos or pillow case.
Custom Knitting
You would like to make a custom knitted garment, which will fit you like a glove. Or maybe you like the look of your other knitted garment and you want to make a new one with your measurements.
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