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Your business meeting is in one hour so you pull out your best suit to wear; however, it’s unwearable because of the hole right on the lapel. Or you have a wedding to attend and you pull out your beautiful tuxedo only to find those moths got to it. Or maybe you tore your pants on a nail, or you burned a hole, or your thick wallet made a tear in the back pocket. Whatever the situation may be, you are now in need or our reweaving services.


We reconstruct the hole by using the threads, taken from the same garment. There are two methods of reweaving: French weaving, weaving thread by thread to match the pattern and piece weaving, weaving in a piece of fabric from the same garment. Knitwear Doctor always uses the method which will get the best result and make the customer happy. Many tailors and cleaners use our services because we do it right, no mending just weaving.

The cost starts at $40 and goes up depending on the size of the hole, if you have more than one hole in the garment, we will quote you a price per job, not hole. It’s cheaper by the bunch.

Reweaving is a specialized skill for repairing holes and tears in damaged garments.

It involves hand weaving thread strands into the garment’s damaged area, creating virtually invisible repairs.
Each worker wears magnifying glasses while working with small needles and thread to reweave the damaged area. Stitch by stitch the reweaver replicates the garments original structure rendering the damaged area undetectable.

French Weaving  also known as invisible weaving, is the type of reweaving used to restore small holes, tears and burns in fabric. Threads are taken from a hidden area of the garment and carefully woven horizontally and vertically over the damaged area, restoring the damaged fabric.


Piece or Block Weaving, is the type of reweaving used for larger tears, rips and wear, in cases where French weaving is impractical. A piece of material is taken from a hidden area on the garment and woven over the damaged area.


Reknitting is the type of reweaving used to repair holes, tears, burns and wear in knit garments. Yarn is taken from hidden areas and used to carefully reproduce the knit pattern.

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