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Can I shorten turtle neck on my knitted dress or sweater? How it's done.

We do alterations only on knitted garments. We don't use sewing machine, everything is done by hand. We can shorten any knitted dress, pants, skirt, sweater by unraveling and finishing it original way. We can also taper body and sleeves on your knits.

If you have knitted dress, top or a sweater with turtle neck and would like to change it-

Knitwear Doctor can do it! We can shorten turtle neck into mock neck, crew neck or v-neck like you see on the picture. Our quality is superb and you'll be happy with the results!

We do alterations on St John knits and any knitted garments for Chanel, Max Mara, Brunello Cucinelli, Hermes, Vince, Hugo Boss and many top designer companies.

You are welcome to call us and we'll be happy to assist you with any of your needs.

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